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Conferences and MasterClass with Abel Maxwell

Abel Maxwell offers a range of personalized lectures and practical workshops, designed to energize and transform your business, young people or staff. These sessions are focused on developing maximum productivity and effective collaboration, based on mutual trust.

Abel Maxwell hosts inspiring conferences tailored to the specific needs of each audience, covering crucial themes such as:

Leadership and its impact on personal and professional development


The crucial importance of self-confidence in individual and collective success


Perseverance and why it is essential to never give up in the face of challenges


Workshop "Voice Sounds" | Creation through Singing

  • In this unique workshop, Abel Maxwell shares his passion for music through an immersive experience. Participants explore the fundamentals of music, learn to create musical and rhythmic loops through singing, and are guided in creating their own musical segment. This workshop strengthens the sense of rhythm, leadership, and creativity while establishing a deep connection with the school curriculum.


Workshop "Step Dancing" | Creation through Dance

  • A rhythmic exploration where the body becomes the instrument. Under the guidance of Abel Maxwell, participants learn to coordinate movements and rhythms to create a "step dancing" choreography. This workshop stimulates bodily creativity, enhances coordination, and provides a solid foundation for personal expression through movement.


About the artist

Abel Maxwell stands out for his ability to engage and inspire students, not only transmitting a passion for music and the arts but also instilling essential values such as self-esteem, confidence, and respect. His approach encourages creativity, imagination, and constructive critical thinking.

Abel Maxwell's programs are meticulously designed to align with educational objectives, enriching the academic journey of students of all ages. Through his workshops, he demonstrates how music and dance can be powerful vehicles for personal development and cross-disciplinary skills, preparing young people to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Conferences & Team-Building Workshops for Businesses

Abel offers conferences aimed at enhancing productivity and collaboration within teams. Topics covered include leadership and its impact on personal and professional development, the importance of self-confidence for success, and the necessity of perseverance in the face of obstacles.

Conferences & Masterclasses for Schools

Abel organizes interactive workshops that combine music and dance to enrich students' educational experience. The "To the Sound of the Voice" workshop allows participants to explore music creation through singing, while the "Step Dancing" workshop focuses on dance as a form of expression and the development of physical and rhythmic skills.

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